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Be happy for any opportunity you get to learn patience, practice tolerance, and thrive on imperfections. CANCER (June 21–July 22): I pay tribute to your dizzying courage, you wise fool. I stage-whisper "Congratulations!" as you slip away from your hypnotic routine and wander out to the edge of mysterious joy. With a crazy grin of encouragement and my fist pressed against my chest, I salute your efforts to transcend your past. I praise and exalt you for demonstrating that freedom is never permanent but must be reclaimed and reinvented on a regular basis. I cheer you on as you avoid every temptation to repeat yourself, demean yourself, and chain yourself. LEO (July 23–Aug 22): I'm feeling a bit helpless as I watch you messing with that bad but good stuff that is so wrong but right for you. I am rendered equally inert as I observe you playing with the strong but weak stuff that's interesting but probably irrelevant. I squirm and moan as I monitor the classy but trashy influence that's angling for your attention, and the supposedly fast-moving process that's creeping along so slowly, and the seemingly obvious secret that would offer you a much better lesson if only you would see it for the chewy riddle that it is. What should I do about this predicament? Maybe the only assistance I can offer is to describe to you what I see.

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Once you start getting REALLY comfortable with astrology, your mind is constantly noticing things that people do & going “Wow. That was so *insert specific placement here* of them.”

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REUTERS/Brendan McDermid In some states including Colorado, New York and Virginia, companies provide the tablets for free. But in many cases, inmates have to pay for the services they use, which include email, video calls, and downloads of games, music, movies and books from a limited selection. They can also file prison grievances, access a law library or take job training courses. All messages are limited in length and screened for security to prevent any unauthorized contact with the outside world. Two of the big players in the field are Global Tel Link (GTL), a tablet provider based in Reston, Virginia, and Dallas-based Securus Technologies and its JPay unit, which have long sold other prison services such as pay-phone calls and money transfers. The privately-owned companies design their own tablets and software and sell them to inmates or facilities through contracts with correctional departments. JPay and GTL told Reuters they factor in the high cost of creating a closed network for emails when setting prices. They said they do not encourage facilities to cut in-person education, visits or physical mail. Some companies, such as New York-based American Prison Data Systems and Chicago-based Edovo, create tablets with educational software and other content which are paid for by the facilities and free for inmates to use.