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ModCloth and Bonobos fans freaked when Walmart bought them. Now theyre Walmart shoppers  Quartzy

The reactions to the ModCloth and Bonobos deals showed that fans of the brands felt there was a deep cultural divide between themselves and Walmart. Both brands had built their customer bases by doing things differently than others in the market. ModCloth thrived by dressing women of all sizes  in funky, retro-ish dresses. Bonobos flourished by  making a better-fitting pair of men’s pants , and then bringing that same approach to other items. In the greater retail landscape, they were indie labels, and they succeeded by staying committed to their customers and their needs. Walmart, on the other hand, has practically become a symbol of heartless corporatism . ModCloth and Bonobos shoppers were put off by the stories of its notorious business practices . And some feared the brands would change: that their  quality would decline as they cut corners to maximize profits, and that they would lose their personalities as they stretched to reach the broadest possible audience. In some cases, there were classist undertones to the comments that followed the acquisitions. “How are you adjusting the fit options for the standard Wal-Mart customer?” one person asked in reply to a video Bonobos posted on Facebook. The association with Walmart was enough on its own to get some people to stop shopping. “I don’t begrudge a company for selling itself, but there’s something particularly egregious about the Walmart deal,” a former Bonobos customer told the Washington Post recently (paywall).

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